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Signature Professional Complete Facial Mask

MINERAL FACIAL MASK Benefits Signature Professional MINERAL MASK is enriched with antioxidants and organic nutrients like Vitamins. Mask nourishes the skin and gives it a younger look. It brightens, lightens, hydrates and even out skin tones. Reduce oil from skin, purifying and detoxifying the pores, remove dirt and pollutions.   EXFOLIATING FACIAL SCRUB Benefits Signature Professional FACIAL SCRUB exfoliates the dead skin, fades away marks, defuses the wrinkle, prevents pigmentation, polish up skin tones. Make skin smother, brighter, clearer and more radiant.   TRIPPLE ACTION FACIAL CREAM BENEFITS Signature Professional TRIPPLE ACTION CREAM Leaves skin purified & clarified, helps to regenerate and nourish skin, restores natural hydration balance, it is able to absorb product effectively.